Stroke Development

Stroke development is where swimmer learns to maintain the stroke they have recently learnt over distance without losing the neatness of each stroke.  It is a good preparation for school level galas, and assists in preparing the swimmer for competitive swimming.

The aim of Stroke development is to improve efficiency in water and to reduce swimming drag. Stroke development is designed to improve technique before taking the step of joining a swim squad. The nature of the swimmer is promoted by providing the swimmer with good swimming techniques, utilizing the swimmers own experience to build a good foundation.  We develop age appropriate training sessions according to Long Term athlete Development (LTAD).  

During 30 minute training session we consider:

1. Body position and relaxing in the water

2. Body rotation and timing and arm recovery

3. Correct stroke technique, by using buoyancy aid and drills

4. Body rotation, breathing, correct stroke,  

5. Drills, fin work and preparation for squad training

The main focus is on technique and to assist the swimmer through periods of rapid growth and fitness levels. Swimmer progressing to competitive swimming requires commitment, discipline, and hard work. A swimmers best is the swimmers best time and personal satisfaction occurs when goals are attained.

Swimming is a sport that requires a significant support system to provide athletes with the best possible resources to improve and reach their full potential.