Swimming is not just a SPORT, it is a life skill and our aim is to BUILD happy and confident swimmers of all ages.


Welcome to “I CAN SWIM”, we offer a wide range of swimming activities and lessons for all ages. Focusing on building a person’s confidence and enjoyment in and around water. We have a strong emphasis on teaching core aquatic skills which is the building blocks to stroke technique. As a swimmers confidence grows so will their ability to improve their strokes.

We offer swimming lessons from babies, toddler, scholars and adults. We believe everybody needs to LEARN HOW TO SWIM and mastering the necessary skills is not just fulfilling but joyful and exciting.

Our facility boast with 2 heated indoor pools, with the water temperature between 28-32 degrees. Adjacent to the swimming pools are 2 viewing areas, 4 change rooms and a coffee shop.  An outdoor playground fitted with a large jungle gym and a sandpit.

Free WiFi available in the viewing areas